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“How to Get an Easy to Use Website For Your Business Loaded With The Same Features Mega-Rich Corporations Use – For Under $20!”

You’re only 5 minutes away from having an attractive, powerful website, complete with web site marketing tools that outsell your competitors and generate more customers

Tuesday 9:28 AM
Zach Biemes, CEO WebsiteSnap.com
Re: Try the WebsiteSnap website package for free today.

How would you like a dynamic, easy to use business website that sports all the cool and powerful marketing features mega-rich corporations gloat over?

You know the kind of website I’m talking about. The ones that sell products like gangbusters 24/7, inform prospects about products and services, and project a professional, impeccable image that compels people to want to do business with you.

Well …

In the next 2 minutes you’ll discover how you can get a business website for less than $20 that looks professional, and is loaded with everything you need to market on the Internet; including exciting marketing tools like autoresponders, images, photo galleries, newsletters, shopping carts, order processing systems, tracking systems and more. And it’s so easy to use a child can operate it. (No computer experience necessary.)

“You can really have it all with a WebsiteSnap website. I was quickly able to build a fully functioning commercial website using the easy-to-use WebsiteSnap templates with slideshows, Image maps, Fully functional Search Engine, PayPal Shopping Cart and more. Highly recommended. Tremendous value. Superb, knowledgeable technical support.” -- Don Fourtner

Listen, we all know that multi-million dollar corporations can afford to spend big bucks to pay web developers outrageous sums of money for websites that leave the little guys belly up. Until now, small businesses and start up entrepreneurs had to either:

(A) Spend more money than their budgets can allow to put up powerful, hard selling websites that get results.

(B) Or they had to just make do, with an ugly website.

Today you don’t have to confront those choices. Now because of our exclusive WebsiteSnap technology we have created a system where you can get a killer website loaded with all the marketing features you want for under $20 bucks per month. Over 175,000 websites have been built with our WebsiteSnap technology. And everyday people with no computer experience whatsoever are creating dynamite websites in 5 minutes or less!

Here’s how this unique system works: All you do is simply point and click your way to the web design you want, then add marketing tools like autoresponders, shopping carts and newsletters, and more to your site. And putting up pictures and graphics on your site is unbelievably simple. The remarkable WebsiteSnap technology is created in such way that even a 10-year old can create a website other people would be envious of.

The websites are idiot proof. I just entered my text, picked my features and my site was magically done. No problem!”
-- Janet Nixon, Accountant

However, unlike other companies selling business website packages, only WebsiteSnap gives you the following mouthwatering benefits:

    • You can customize your website – however you want! – Easily!

    • You can have as many pages as you want! Want 10 or 100? No problem, it’s yours!

    • Want to add images on your website? No problem. Your WebsiteSnap website makes adding images so easy, a kid can do it. Just point and click!

    • Easily add cool features like links and email or advanced features like newsletters, polls, shopping carts and ecommerce.

    • Adding text onto your website is as simple as writing an email. And many of the buttons and commands look just like your MS Word!

    • Your WebsiteSnap website is so easy to use, you can change virtually anything you want on your site within mere seconds … 1, 2, 3 – you’re done!

How about you? Do you want a website like this, loaded with the same features mega-rich corporations sport for a ridiculously low price?

To our knowledge, no other company can do this. And if you can find a business website for under $20 bucks, I guarantee you – you won’t get the dozens of marketing tools, and stunning design that our websites boast. Everything you need to effectively market on the Internet is included in your website package. After you own this business website package today, you won’t have to shop around for shopping cart systems, tracking systems or any other necessary tool. (Our competitors can’t promise that.)

What your business website package includes:

  • Visitor Autoresponders.
    Instantly email site visitors info and follow-up on them to close more sales!
  • Visitor Feedback Forms.
    Use this to collect important information from customers and site visitors to make your website marketing more successful!
  • Customer Newsletters.
    Publish your own newsletter with this feature! Stay in touch with your customer base and build rapport with them.
  • Subscriber Management.
    End Spam worries forever. All newsletter requests go into an opt in system that confirms subscription.
  • Catalogs.
    Sell multiple products from your site! Now it’s possible with this feature. Looks like a real catalog!
  • Shopping Cart.
    Makes your site handle the entire transaction.
  • Ecommerce.
    Have your customers pay online or submit their order so you can process it manually in your store.
  • Order Tracking.
    Never lose track of another sale again! All orders are emailed directly to you and then tracked on your site.
  • Secure Server Certificates.
    Your site’s transactions are secure and protected with secure certificates that protect customer info.
  • Search Engine Registration.
    Once your site is done, WebsiteSnap will register it with the search engines so your website can start getting massive traffic.
  • Business Email.
    Send email with your site name in the address. Avoid the embarrassment of free services (hotmail.com, yahoo.com) that scream amateur.
  • Your Own Domain Name.
    You’ll get your own website name! (www.yourname.com) What do you want to name your site? Just tell us and we’ll make it official!
  • Website Membership.
    Want to have a secret member section in your site? No problem! Sell “insider” memberships!
  • Photo Albums.
    Display pictures of your work, business, products and team, professionally in an online photo album.
  • Maps.
    Display an attractive map that shows customers and prospects directions to get to your business.
  • Links Page.
    Provide as many links as you want to other sites you think your visitors would find valuable.
  • Contact Us Page.
    Tell your visitors how to get a hold of you and your team.
  • About Us Page.
    Show your visitors who you are and why they should do business with you.
  • Online Coupons.
    Drive online traffic to your physical store with website coupons.
  • Message Boards.
    You too can have your own message board! Create a fan club, and start a following for your business!
  • Polls/Surveys.
    Polls and surveys help win elections. Now you can use that same strategy to win more customers!
  • Guest Book.
    Give your visitors a place to share their comments about your site with this great guest book feature.
  • Press Releases.
    Display press releases and news clippings from the media on your business – great credibility booster.
  • Quotes Page.
    Testimonials sell. Now you can have a page of glowing comments about how great your business is.
  • Customizable Web Pages.
    Easily add and customize more web pages to your site in mere seconds! (Take a look at website examples.)

As you can see, you’re getting all the bells and whistles you could ever hope for! All of these goodies will definitely level the playing field for you. Having said that, I’m so sure you’ll love this website package, that I’m willing to go out on a limb to prove it …

The Outrageous Stunt Our Marketing Guys Pulled

10-Day FREE Trial: Our marketing team insisted that we give you this amazing deal that you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s their challenge to you: click our 10-Day Free Trial link when you see it near the bottom of this page. It’ll open up to a page where you can create a stunning website using any of our 1200+ exciting template designs – and other features. I have arranged for you to try out your new website without paying a single penny for it –10 days straight. That’s right, send no money, yet you can explore the possibilities of what this website can do for 240 hours!

At the end of trying out your new website for ten days, if you want to keep it, go ahead and pay the nominal price with your credit card. And you’ll own this amazing website package. But if you change your mind, you don’t lose a penny. Either way, you win!

Read what others are saying about this powerful business website package.

“Great Service, Great Product, Great People, Great Price. You guys are more than a service, you’re a part of my team!”
-Kevin Lawrence, Business Coach. www.CoachKevin.com

“I don’t know why everyone does not do it this way. WebsiteSnap websites are great and very effective.”
-Garfield McCormick, Website Usability Expert.

“The websites are idiot-proof. I just entered my text, picked my features and my site was done. No problem!”
-Janet Nixon, Accountant.

“WebsiteSnap is probably the best kept secret on the Internet!”
-Ryan Sharp, Salesman.

“With the money I saved using WebsiteSnap, I can now invest in marketing my site.”
-Robert Lazaro, Audio Retailer.

Click here for more rave reviews of this business website package.

Their Outrageous Stunt Goes Even Further!

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: Listen, if you think our 10-Day Free Trial is a heck of a deal, wait till you see this. If after the 10-Day Free Trial you decide to keep your website, then I’ll give you an additional 30 full days to test your new website out! In other words, I’m giving you a 30-day satisfaction guarantee! As far as I know … no other website company is willing to do this for you.

It’s clear other companies aren’t confident in the website packages they’re asking you to spend your money on. But WebsiteSnap knows you’ll love the website you buy from them and is willing to risk everything to prove it.

What About Site Breakdowns?

Now you may be wondering … this sounds great, I’m ready to get my website, but what if I sign up for this package and later on I have technical troubles?

No problem. We have a fulltime support staff available during business hours (8-6 pm CST, 7 days a week) to fix any possible issue you may have. But with our technology, a technical glitch is an oddity. Nonetheless, I have staff ready to take care of you. They’ll even personally help you decide what templates, and other features to choose for your site if you don’t have the time!

How Much Is Your Investment In This Website Package?

First, here’s what your business website package includes – Fully Loaded Website Email accounts, ecommerce, shopping cart, newsletters, autoresponders, subscription management, catalogs, order tracking, secure server certificates, search engine registration, visitor submission forms, links page, maps, contact us page, coupons, message boards, guest books, polls, press releases, quotes page, 200+ templates, free support and much, much more. (A $2,500.00 value.) But you won’t have to pay that!

Now consider this, our competitor’s prices range from $39 to $245. Our regular price is $29.97. But for a limited time only, you can own this business website package for just $19.98. To lock in at $19.98 instead of our regular price of $29.97 you must act now.

Here’s your next step:

Take our free 10-day test drive. You won’t be charged anything, and the 10-day test drive is 100% free with no catches. Upon clicking the link below you’ll be able to acquire a powerful, professional business website that you’ll be proud of within the next 5 minutes! To get started, just click the following link: Start your 10-Day Free Trial now!

All the best,

Zach Beimes
CEO, WebsiteSnap.com

P.S. Simply test-drive this website package free for 10 days and see for yourself that it’s everything you ever wanted in a business website. Then if you decide to own your business website you have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to field test your website and see if it performs as claimed. Your choice is clear, start your 10-day Free Trial now!

P.P.S. Your purchase of this business website package may be tax deductible as a business expense. Please confirm with your tax advisor.

Start your 10-Day Free Trial now!

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